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Pure Presence Shining in Craniosacral Therapy

When Pure Presence shines as itself, in itself, there is an invitation for the body/mind physiology/nervous system to deeply relax and release. Contractions and patterning not in alignment with the essential nature of our Being have an opportunity to dissipate. There is a return to the wholeness that in reality has never been fragmented.

The intelligence inherent in the human experience expresses itself as The Tide in Craniosacral Therapy language. The nervous system powered by Tidal Forces may recalibrate in the presence of Presence. In other words Aware Open Attention affects everything in The Field and the apparent body.

This Presence is not imposing, but open and loving, accepting of all that is appearing. Layers of conditioning may take time to “unravel” and expose the underlying causes. Over time ( since all patternings have occurred in time) during some sessions or after a session these may show up as sensations in the body, thoughts in the mind and feelings in the emotional sense. There is no need to resist or indulge any effects of this level of attention, but welcome them all as a sign that change is taking place. Albeit change within the changeless reality of Presence.

Each time Presence is allowed to emerge from the background of all experience to the foreground it reinforces the causeless peace and joy as the Essence of our Shared Being. It offers deep healing. Seeking and resisting habits are just seen within this witnessing field and lose their compulsion.

The shared knowing and understanding within the apparent client/practitioner relationship greatly amplifies this process.

Rupert .Spira says in " Experiencing The Body as Pure Vibration “

The true yoga - the yoga of the transparent body is not something that starts and stops. All that happens is an ever changing flow of sensations and perceptions made only of never changing empty, transparent knowing - made only of our Self.

Who knows what valuable gifts lie along the way? There may be a rich unfolding in creation’s play.

Hilary Austin



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