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Pure Presence Cranio Sacral Therapy (PPCST)

from a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy perspective

The ultimate non dual truth is that we are always already complete, whole and free. Recreating health in the light of this truth may however take time and the amplification of a shared connection. Thus there is not a therapist/client relationship but a collaborative relationship in process. For the sake of explanation I shall nevertheless name the roles as Practitioner/Client (P/C).

Health reestablishes itself within Stillness/Knowing/Pure Presence

It is the “role” therefore of the Practitioner to create a still space and abide consistently in the knowing Shared Field, “holding” the apparent Client in consciousness. Thus “touch” becomes virtual - not from the physical but the etheric. Shared Being when amplified in Pure Presence arises to do the doing - from the Great Intelligence that knows and organises forces. It is this Intelligence that created the embryo and adult human in the first place and it is this intelligence when called upon and amplified/supported that can gradually liberate long held contractions and constrictions.

With this shared intention of trusting in the Breath of Life (a well-known Craniosacral Therapy term) it is allowed to be in control. As a Practitioner I can feel these processes to some degree through a whole body listening. My body may resonate with the activities and expressions arising out of C in this listening. Crucially I do not “interfere” with suggestions or protocols in this process, but keep offering open, empty, aware presence. There may be some inquiry that arises out of the direct experiences of the client or there may be a deepening into silence.

After the session both P and C can share and feedback their individual experiences. Over many years of listening in this way with actual touch I have found there to be significant corroboration. Now it seems apparent that this is valid also in virtual touch/listening. It is important to note that it helps a great deal if the C is in alignment with this way of working. Both parties are willing participants and witnesses. If there is resistance or strong opposition to the general principles involved, then it might be, but not necessarily, less effective.

William Garner Sutherland, the osteopath and founder of CST concluded all his developments in his work with “Be Still and Know that I Am“ which is written on his gravestone.

Hilary Austin

March 2022


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