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About Hilary


When I was about 7 years old I remember asking myself the question “Who Am I?” Repeating this and my name over and over took me deep inside the body and opened up a direct taste of beyond name which felt mysterious and overwhelming. A bit like mirrors looking into mirrors which confounds the thinking mind. In the last decade this memory seems to have more significance.


As an adult, after a very long seeking path, venturing into T.M, following Paramahansa Yogananda, Shamanism, Buddhism and Way of Mastery - I  experienced a mundane yet profound awakening in 2011.


It was triggered when casually glancing through James Twyman’s  “The Moses Code “ and Moses’s response to hearing his name called  “Here I Am“.

More of a Duh than Aha... I was looking for validation of my personal revelations and understanding.  Being aware of Being Aware or I Am presence (call it what you will - Love, God ? Although these are “loaded” words. ) seemed so obvious and simple. Yet how come no-one had told me this before? Perhaps they had, but I had not been so ready to hear and know from direct experience. 


Then Rupert Spira’s books appeared in a recommendation from Amazon! With the perfect timing of Grace here was a man who could articulate, live and communicate from this Direct Truth. I felt an understanding from direct experience which seemed corroborated by his words.


I have attended scores of retreats with Rupert since then. I deeply love and respect his gentle, helpful guidance and profound ability to live in and as this truth. The Direct Path of Non Duality continues to offer itself to me and invite release from the psychological suffering of ingrained dual conditioning. I invite others to explore this profound yet simple awakening and surrender to that which has always been our essence in Pure Presence.


My bodywork journey began in 1989 when I spent 3 years training to become an Alexander Technique teacher in London with Walter Carrington’s school. He was trained directly by Alexander himself. I learnt the art of non doing touch and listening through my hands and my own body. 

This was followed by the discovery of water work in the form of Watsu in 1996 and training in California and worldwide as a Watsu Practitioner and Instructor. While free floating others I noticed internal involuntary movements wanting to express in the receiver and this fascinated me. Thus my exploration and training in Biodynamic Craniosacral began. I studied for 2 years between 2002-2004. 


During the pandemic I undertook online courses with fellow Craniosacral Therapists and Healers and realised a way of working which awakened a deeper personal calling. This is now being offered online as Pure Presence Craniosacral Therapy (PPCST).

Since hands-on work has been restricted I am now trusting in the deep collaborative process of Pure Presence CST and feel that this is a visionary and evolutionary approach to healing - finding the truth and expression of life in embodied form.  I surrender to the innate wisdom which knows what to do and connect to that knowing which can be amplified in the apparent other.


I invite others to explore this profound yet simple awakening and surrender to that which has always been our essence in Pure Presence.

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