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Pure Presence Cranio Sacral Therapy (PPCST)


Since hands-on work has been restricted during the pandemic I am now trusting in the deep collaborative process of Pure Presence CST and know that this is a visionary and evolutionary approach to healing - finding the truth and expression of life in embodied form. 

PPCST is primarily consciousness work and consciousness is not bound by space and time.

We meet in Shared Consciousness or “Field" and engage together in this journey of health. Sustained input of this intent of Presence can bring about lasting improvements and a loving relationship with the body/mind and world.

If you are interested I can offer several regular online PPCST sessions in the comfort of your own space with no travel involved and follow-up check ins by Zoom or WhatsApp.


How does PPCST work?

The intention is to consciously connect with the powerful life force and intelligence that underlies all experience through Pure Presence.  With sustained presence in the "shared field”  this amplifies the effects in the apparent other to bring about healing.


Life expresses itself as motion. In Craniosacral Therapy this is recognised as the Breath of Life which mobilises all cells and has a tidal fluid expression. Presence/Consciousness is the intelligent wisdom or Field which infuses all life. Just as a wave is not separate from the ocean or clouds from the sky there is no separation at the essence of our Being. And this Being is the driving force of life.


My approach is to orient towards this blueprint of health that is at the essence of all life expression and has its own inherent treatment plan and harmonising wisdom that is seeking to manifest at all times. With shared intention we invite and allow health to unfold in a manner driven by this wisdom and not imposed upon it.


How does a Typical PPCST Session Go?

Every session begins with a verbal check-in (using Zoom or WhatsApp). It is a period of several minutes where you share what is presently showing up and set the intention for the work. Verbal sharing in itself has a therapeutic effect, and the setting of an intention organises the field of the session around it. Although ultimately the intelligent field will know what is needed.


Connection to The Breath of Life, the self-healing force, is established during this time, so you may already feel yourself in the session process then.


You sit or lie in a comfortable, warm, safe undisturbed place. By holding Pure Presence I may include a virtual touch agreed mutually and keep in verbal or silent contact for 40-45 minutes. During this time, I help you to connect to your own witnessing Presence, the self-healing force that is a manifestation of one's Health, and allow it to process whatever issues may be present.  I accompany you through the journey of self-healing, in safety and with support. The session can also remove hindrances to your own self-healing ability - your own Pure Presence


Listening, observing, curiosity and allowing are central to this exploration: 

Together we listen to sensations, vibrations, pulsations, breath, tensions, without an agenda. You may also deeply relax and enter a pre-sleep non-verbal state. As the habitual judgements and commentaries relax, our listening begins to reveal its nature: Pure Shared Presence in time liberates the body of its superimposed beliefs and conditionings. This Presence of Being is limitless and shared. There is only one Presence.

And we’ll discover, over and over, the ground of being, our spacious true home that has never been touched by any life experiences, but is intimately one with them. We turn towards experience in order to illuminate it with Truth. This is a liberating yoga of awareness, sensation and perception.


Like all healing modalities - for lasting effect and change one needs to recognise the importance of regular input and genuine support. Often what is presenting has a deep underlying pattern or conditioning which may have many layers. 


I follow up a few days later with a verbal integration where impressions of the session are shared.. This interchange between a direct experience and verbal sharing allows for a deep integration of the session work, as well as balancing of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

“True Health is the knowledge of our own Being“ - Rupert Spira. Non Duality teacher


Prep for a Session

We will do it over zoom video or audio if you prefer.


We will be in active contact for up to one hour, but I ask you to set out one and a half hours for the session so you can rest and integrate afterwards.


Please be in a private, quiet, and undisturbed place where you can lie down and enjoy the maximum effect of the session. Have your phone/laptop fully charged and lying next to you on speaker mode so that you don’t have to use your hands to hold it during the session. I encourage you to treat the rest of the day/evening when we work as the continuation of the session.

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